Feed the Need

As an enthusiastic partner of Blue Sky Therapeutic Riding & Respite; Pantheon is able to align our passion for empowering young lives with the organizations mastery in contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals with special needs.

Therapeutic riding provides benefits in the areas of health, education, sport and recreation; providing our local special need community with life-sustaining resources they can internalize for self-development. Equipping our special need friends with life skills that allow a modicum of independence, cherished friendships, a period of respite for faithful caregivers, and exhilarating liberation while riding their favorite steed; Blue Sky is making the difference throughout Denton County and beyond.

May 7th Pantheon headed out in Krugerville to watch our special-need friends display their horsemanship and skill at the Horse Show and Crawfish Boil and cheer on the riders as they competed for the blue ribbon.


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