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Pantheon is a for-profit commercial tile company driven by a much higher purpose than profit.  Our underlying motivation for why we do what we do, is a desire to improve people’s lives and positively impact the environment in which we live.  Healing people and the planet is our enduring purpose, and what led us to create our non-profit initiative.


Our approach to business encourages people to share their time, talents, and gifts to change the world.  It takes the focus off the bottom line and puts it where it should be — on others. This falls in line with one of Pantheon’s core values: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you;" and allows us to live out our virtues and values as a people and as a corporate entity. partners with non-profit organizations committed to meeting the needs of the sick, hungry, homeless, orphaned, widowed, elderly, indigent and under-served - both locally and globally. As visionaries bridging the for-proft and non-profit world we advocate models of stewardship that dive deep into the being of an organization. Internally and externally, from our frontline employees answering your call, to the office of the CEO and President, to our engagement as partners in Texas , the nation, and overseas Pantheon is invested in redefining this concept of philanthropy and social innovation.


Philanthropic Week

Pantheon employees are a vital part of the movement. We practice on a corporate level and we want our employees to have that same opportunity. In this spirit, Pantheon personnel are provided Philanthropic Week. For five days each year, staff is encouraged to get out of the warehouse and from behind their desks to volunteer and serve within the community. Paid time off, that does not jeapordize precious vacation time with family,  we have found allows our team to share in the success of our nonprofit partners, more firmly grasp the issues at play in our community, and frees them to be the difference in their own unique way and style.  On top of other service opportunities  that generally occur in the evening or weekend, this 40 hours of prime time in the middle of the week is delivering spectacular results that goes beyond anything a simple sponsorship or donation ever could - it is creating a movement that is sure to sweep through  North Texas and beyond.


Join the Movement

We invite you to become part of the movement as well. Visit our events page to see how you can get involved!

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."



* Pantheon does not accept donations on their behalf. 100% of your donation will go directly to the non-profit of your choice. Pantheon charges no administrative fees to the non-profits we support.

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