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Repairing Homes & Lives

The mighty Pantheons joined 6 Stones in Euless April 8th to blitz the H-E-B area with loving kindness... and a little bit of elbow grease! Every Spring, 6 Stones hosts a community revitalization effort to assist homeowners with necessary home repairs they are unable to accomplish on their own. Now in its seventh year of serving the H-E-B area, CPR weekend will engage 1400 volunteers in renovating 50 homes across the impact area. By the end of the weekend a total of 475 homes and the families residing within the area will have had their lives forever impacted by the generosity and kindness of strangers.

Pantheon is proud to be a third year returning partner of this effort, working with community partners, clients, and friends to strengthen families and revitalize communities.

Be sure to join us in 2017 when we again return to be the difference and share some fun with 6Stones during the CPR Spring Blitz.

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