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Romanian Missions

April 28th - May 5th

Pantheon is a proud to be a long-time supporter of Jesus the Hope of Romania (JHOR). Founded by Peter Dugulescu, one of the great heroes of the Romanian Revolution, JHOR is a testament of what can occur when one man faithfully stands in the face of intimidation and persecution to liberate the lives of others. A vibrant display of the power of love to reign victorious over fear; JHOR provides comfort and provisions, while delivering nourishment to bodies and sustaining hope to hearts and minds.

May 1st, marks the 25th Anniversary of JHOR and Pantheon wouldn't miss the chance to be present to shower the team in Romania with prayers, support, and celebrate with those who have been directly influenced by this great organization. From the orphans at Onesimus, to the seniors living in Bethany House at Hatag, to the Manna program which served over 120,000 meals last year alone; this is a significant time of blessing for all.

As Laurentiu Timis, JHOR Executive Director, recently shared; "in a world of concrete and steel, in times when few take the time to listen to the cry of the orphan (we) pray that we will not dismiss the pain of so many around us with a cold shrug of the shoulders." Pantheon surely will not! For over ten years, we have heard the cry of the orphan, the widow, the lost and oppressed and worked with JHOR to bring hope to others. Together we are reaching the weak and fatherless, bringing justice to the afflicted and destitute, and rescuing the weak and needy; as we "kneel by the ones who are hurting to heal their wounds."

Join Pantheon in making a difference Romanians this Spring. We are gathering new clothing and shoes for the orphans and teens, chocolate sweets for our seniors, and treats to share with the children during the Orphan's Easter Celebration May 2nd.

Contact Monica Ellington at 972.525.7366 today to learn more.

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