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John Gayhart & Mexico Missions

John's philanthropic week was spent in Chenalho, a small village in southern Mexico, where Mexico Ministries hosts and trains groups of pastors and missionaries. Facilities used for hosting include a 20-year-old, 2-story, 20-plus room dormitory, along with a stadium where more than 3,000 believers gather for conventions.

The 15-man group that John was a part of spent three days renovating the first floor of the dormitory. Work accomplished by this group included: Replacing all toilets, replacing all 17 interior doors, replacing the hot water heater, re-wiring the electrical, and repainting all 17 first-floor rooms and the hallways. Given the materials available in that region (no pre-hung doors), this took every bit of manpower available. When asked what about the trip inspired him, John stated there were many things that had a lifelong impact on him — too many to write about in this short summary. What John says inspired him the most was to see the purest forms of love and sacrifice displayed by each man on the trip. To invest the time, the resources, the energy ... and pour it all into a skilled trade that God has blessed them with, all to benefit people whom they don't even know. The sense of pride that these men experienced in their accomplishment, simply to then walk away so that others could enjoy the fruits of their labor. This is what we're called to do ... give because we can.

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