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Interfaith Housing Coalition Service Event

Interfaith Housing Coalition has two properties with a combined 49 apartments and facilities to care for families in need. Almost every weekend there are needs to be met by volunteers. Pantheon's service weekend consisted of two teams; the first team for landscaping duties and the second to assist in furnishing two apartments.

The landscaping team helped with pulling weeds, relocating rocks, creating flower beds, repairing bed barriers and trimming plants.

The second team helped with gathering items for two newly furnished apartments, such as kitchen utensils, bathroom toiletries, towels and children’s books & toys.

One volunteer stained a kitchen table and it looked amazing when it was done! After a couple of hours we all came together again and began organizing two garages full of donated items — everything from clothes to furniture. Afterwards a few of the volunteers with the Pantheon serivce team stayed behind to grill burgers and hotdogs for the residents and spend a little time to get to know them.

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