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Tracey Maxwell & OurCalling

Tracey's Philanthropic Week was spent working with OurCalling in their mission to serve the homeless. Each day is a new opportunity to bring hope at OurCalling, and volunteers are involved in many different ways.

During Tracey's volunteer time, she was able to help with many of the different tasks that OurCalling needs help with on a weekly basis. Tracey organized the resource warehouse getting new clothes donations into their proper places; cleaned up after meal services; packed 60 Search and Rescue bags; distributed clothes and other life resources to the homeless coming in for help; assisted in the kitchen; swept and mopped floors; and washed laundry. On the last day, she even folded 800 PAIR of donated socks! Tracey shared: "The week impacted me immensely because it was my first and only opportunity to listen to the stories that were being told around the small facility. As I took the guests' orders (the homeless there are called “guests”), some were very shy, humbled and embarrassed as they asked for underwear or a toothbrush, shoes or clothing. As I looked into their eyes I could see hurt, and compassion just overcame me as I looked for the exact items each of them asked for. I obviously wanted to find the best item, as I thought of putting myself in their shoes and how I would want someone to treat me. At the end of the day my goal was to put a smile on someone’s face and let them know this doesn’t have to be the end of the road."

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