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We at Pantheon believe in helping others.  It’s part of our core mission.  So how do we walk out that mission on a corporate level in a strategic and systematic way?  Like this: At the end of each month, we look at where we’ve been blessed as a company (i.e., we break down our profit by market segment), and then we donate a portion of our profits proportionally to the market segments in which we were blessed that month.  For example, a portion of all the profits we earned from restaurant projects that month would go to feed the poor.  Get it? 

Our Non-Profit Partners

So exactly where are our donated dollars going? 

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Manna Project

Jesus the Hope of Romania


Jesus the Hope of Romania, has delivered meals to the poor and homeless of Timisoara since 1998. Families and seniors like like Stoianca, 62-years-old, whose life has been filled with trials and hardships. Stoianca lives in a one-room apartment that she and her husband build prior to his passing a few years ago. She spends most of her time inside, because walking has become difficult for her. “Twelve years ago I had throat cancer but God healed me," she shares. "Now I have problems with my heart, kidneys, and liver.”


Burdened by pain, Stoianca receives a pension from the state (395 lei a month – less than $120), which barely covers the bills. There isn’t even enough money left for her medication to manage Stoianca's diabetes and other health-related issues.


Stoianca can’t wait to get the meal every day, which she immediately divides it in three, so that she has enough for lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day.







Life Essentials

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